"The heritage of our past is the treasure of our future...
The present is the time for us to preserve it for those to come."
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a village is born

April 12, 1976...
"Just six months ago we undertook the compiling of a history of the Moweaqua area." In this section, one can search through the book "Moweaqua Remembers." Lois Jones and the cooperation of hundreds of people put together enough material to fill over a thousand pages, however, to have used it all would have been economically unfeasible. The Bicentennial Committee of the Village of Moweaqua represents that this book is the product of contributions from individual authors of the articles contained herein, and further represent that they do not take responsibility nor credit for any material contained herein, considering that the material may be based on the opinion of the writer, or based on fiction and/or folklore. Using the information at hand they have tried to compile a balanced account of the way things were. It would have been nice to have included only the good things of the past, but not everything or everybody turned out that way, and that, too, they included.

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