"The heritage of our past is the treasure of our future...
The present is the time for us to preserve it for those to come."
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"Coal! We've Got 'er! 7 Feet! 540 Feet Deep!
"Crow! You Rascal, Crow!
Jollifications! Saturday Afternoon and Night!
Ain't She a Daisy? Now you Crow!
We Howl a Whoop! Yea Verily!
We Yip a Yawp!
We'll Paint the Town Red!
Read About It!"

Thus the uninhibited journalistic language of the October 3, 1889 edition of the MOAWEQUA CALL-MAIL announced the first discovery of coal in the village of Moweaqua.

Click the "moweaqua coal mine" link to the left to view a pdf on the history of the coal mine.



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