"The heritage of our past is the treasure of our future...
The present is the time for us to preserve it for those to come."
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a history in pictures

Some of the photographs are included in books (listed below) which require Adobe Reader to view. Once opened in Adobe Reader, click on "view" in the top toolbar > "navigation panels" > "bookmarks." Bookmarks are essentially captions and will provide links to the photos that are of interest.

*Book 1 - Moweaqua Schools & Churches
*Book 2 - Street Scenes
*Book 3 - Businesses
*Book 4 - Coal Mine and Miscellaneous

Other photos require only a browser and include both Coal Mine and Historical photos of Moweaqua. The links to the left provide access to these photographs which are in no particular order. Click the thumbnail to view a larger version. If a slideshow doesn't appear, make sure to allow "ActiveX" controls.



Links marked with an asterisk (*) require Adobe Reader to view or print these files. To download a FREE copy, click on the icon below.

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